About The Gray Book

"Dr Gray has done a masterful job of explaining each stage of the drug development process. This will become an invaluable resource for anyone associated with drug development and commercialisation. It is crucial for early stage pharma and biotech companies to understand fully all the aspects of the drug development process and to maintain a commerical focus throughout the development process. It is refreshing to se a comprehensive drug development resource that starts with a market focus and advocates the development of target product profiles to help guide drug development plans. Dr Gray's book is easy to read and will help both business managers and researchers alike fill knowledge gaps in the drug development process and facilitate cross functional collaborations within drug development project teams. As a consultant working with early stage specialty pharma companies, Dr Gray's book provides a comprehensive overview that I can reference when working with clients and use as a guide throughout the business planning process".                       

Thomas Marten, President Pharmacision LLC


"You wrote the best training book I have ever read".  

David Wang , Global Project Leader, Hoffmann-La Roche, US 


"This superb account of the subject succeeds in extracting the essentials while being of sufficient depth to make it suitable for a range of readers from science and business backgrounds, from beginners to those with prior knowledge in one area. The linkage to regulatory guidelines is of particular value, making this a unique learning tool. The clarity of the text reflects the teaching style of Dr Gray on the European Course of Pharmaceutical Medicine which has been highly valued over many years".                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Professor Fritz Buhler, MD, Professor of Pharmaceutical Medicine and Pathophysiology, University of Basel, former Head of Worldwide Clinical R&D at Roche, Basel, Switzerland

About Dr Gray's Teaching

"I would wholeheartedly recommend your course to professionals, being venture capitalists, business development personnel, program managers or scientists involved in drug discovery and development". 

Pascal Longchamp, VP Business Development, Evolva SA, Basel Switzerland

"I have now gone through the course and I have to say I found it very useful. I wish I had access to this course when I joined AZ nine years ago”.                                                                                                                                                                                   

Principal Scientist, AstraZeneca R&D


"It took me a long time to find the time to summarize the feedback we received on the Drug Development module but finally here it is. It is excellent, I have never seen such a positive result on any of the courses we held so far! "

Barbara C. Peters, PhD, Training and Education, Clinical Trial Unit, University Hospital Basel, Switzerland




Updated version of GrayBook Supplement  Medicine´s Development in Alzheimer´s Disease available.